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And so I got home not too long ago from GSE's show at the esplanade and what a great show it was. :)

Arrived at about 4pm for the soundcheck and already there was a couple of other photogs shooting and saw 2 familiar faces. :) I was kinda intimidated by the huge stage in the recital studio. I think this was the 1st time I've been to a show in the recital studio with such a huge stage erected.

Just as the show ended, I spoke with another photog and told her that she had a nice bag. I recognised the bag because I was also considering in getting one. Ha. Turned out that she was a friend of Eugene and she's also on LJ. (Hi Joan if you're reading this. Ha)

Nice to see so many friends, fans and relatives of the band coming to give their support and making it a sold out gig. Everyone was so supportive and this is how local music should be. All the hard work has paid off and kudos to the esplanade crew who worked very hard and staying back till we all left to clear up.

Photos soon. :)

Lazy Saturday Morning

Felt sick yesterday and think I had a case of mild food poisoning which cause me to visit the toilet a couple of times in as many hours and had a bodyache together with feeling lethargic and restless.

Woke up this morning to a phonecall otherwise I think I might still be sleeping now and went for breakfast with the wifey to Macdonalds. If we have Macs on the weekend, I'm the one who usually goes down to get it but today she said she wanted to go down for a walk. :)

I'm supposed to be joining some photographers gathering and sharing today but I still don't feel so good plus there's housework to be done. Also had to reject a last minute shoot in the even for the same reason, actually it's more of the bodyache and feeling tired.

So I was just checking out the new single from Weezer which would be launched on Thursday and 2 months later, their new album would be out. I really love Weezer for their catchy tunes and lyrics. I really hope to be able to catch them live one day.

Here's a video which never fails to put a smile on my face. :)

Some updates & The Police

Good Day everyone,

I'm not sure who still reads my livejournal actually and the thought of switching to another userid isn't really helping me post on a regular basis. Of course there is work and couple of backlogs of photos to clear. Then there's household chores to be done and actually my study room is pretty much of a mess. There's so much to do that I think 24hrs isn't really enough lately. Ha. I think it just boils down to bad time management.

There have been a couple of ad-hoc shoots lately and a couple of enquiries for my services which is a good thing. :) I think people are beginning to appreciate my work and it does make me want to work even harder at it.

Couple of gigs coming up which I should be shooting.
25th April : The Great Spy Experiment @ Esplanade. (Confirmed)
28th April : Stereophonics @ Fort Canning. (Pending)
7th May : Elton John @ Indoor Stadium. (Pending)
13th May : James Blunt @ Indoor Stadium. (Confirmed)

There's also gonna be an event shoot for a relaunch of a magazine sometime in May and I guess it's gonna be fun. :)

I mentioned that I would be posting some of The Police photos I shot in Feb so here they are. I also just found out that some of the photos are in April's issue of LIME.

Oh, did I mentioned that I met the band backstage? :)
If only I had the time to take a photo with them!

Save Rajah the dog!

How could they do such a thing?!

Fiction Plane Live In Singapore

So a couple of days later after the Switchfoot gig, I received a very last minute confirmation telling me that I'll be able to shoot The Police gig. I had given up hope actually as I didn't get any news the day before the gig. Of course, I was very excited the hours before the gig I had butterflies in my stomach as this should be the biggest gig for 2008 for me.

Fiction Plane opened for The Police and we were only allowed to shoot the last 3 songs of their set before moving out for awhile to the holding area and coming back into the pit for The Police. Fiction Plane is a band from England and is fronted by Joe Sumner who is also the son of Sting. Joe Sumner also plays the bass just like his dad and also sings like him.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots from their set that I like.

Switchfoot Live In Singapore

Switchfoot visited our shores in last month and I was there to capture the band in action.
I don't really like the venue as it's very far for me and the acoustics there don't really do justice to any band.
The turnout wasn't that great but to those who were there, it was definately an enjoyable show. Switchfoot has always been an entertaining band live and indeed it was. They interacted with the crowd, jumped around and leaped from the amps and drumkit. Frontman Jon Foreman even came down from the stage twice and climb onto the barricades to mingle with the fans.
Lighting for the show was pretty bad for us photographers as there was very little lights on the band members faces. Excessive smoke made it more difficult as well as the dim red lightings that the band employed during parts of the show.
One of the best part of the show was when the band suddenly froze with their rockstar poses with strobe lights beaming down on them. I'm pretty sure they stood still in their poses for more then 2mins. As the stage was a little too big for my lens, I wasn't able to capture the whole band in that glorious moment.
Nonetheless, I enjoyed the show even more as the band management as well as the promoter let us photographers stay in the pit throughout the whole show. Kudos to the band for letting us do our job better and of course we have to return the favour by getting good shots and trying best not to distract the band.

Here's some photos to share..

More Here..Collapse )

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year to all Chinese friends and those who are celebrating. :)
This is the first year and I've to give out red packets. Ha.
It's also the first year that I drove the family out to visiting and it was quite a stressful experience as there were so many vehicles on the road.
On the expressway we saw 2 accidents, one of which involved 8 cars in a collision. I was also quite lucky to be able to find parking space easily at each stop we made.

Photography wise, I've recently covered various shows of Dream Theater, Switchfoot and I think the biggest show of 2008 will be The Police last week.
Switchfoot's show was a nice change from all the heavy hard rock and the atmosphere was good. I enjoyed their set and the band put on a good show on stage. There was a huge photopit for the photographers and video crew which made moving around easier but the best part was that the band's management as well as the organisers let us stay in the photopit throughout the whole show.

The Police live in Singapore was a pretty intense experience. I had actually given up on getting credentials for the gig and was only on the morning of their show that I had gotten confirmation that I've been given the green light. I had to be there 2 hours before the show for a short brief which lasted only 5mins and I had like 2 hrs to kill. Luckily I bumped into some friends and we went to have a drink and chit chat nearby.

We were allowed to shoot the last 3 songs of the opening band's, Fiction Plane, set. Fiction Plane is fronted by Sting's son who also plays the bass. He sings and plays just like his Dad. While waiting for The Police to come on I turned around to look at the crowd and never in my life have I seen the Indoor Stadium filled to the brim. Official numbers was 10,700 which was a capacity crowd. The back of the stage was also opened up and it was full as well. In other words, people paid to see the back view of Sting and band. Hehe. The band came on much to the cheers of everyone and 2 songs was all I had so I had to make full use of it. 2 songs later and I came out happy 'cos I got the shots I wanted and also 'cos I had a brief meeting with Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland backstage.

Photos soon and Gong Xi Fa Cai once again. :)

My first post for 2008!

Oh wow, my last post was in Sept last year! Ha.
I guess I've been busy as well as lazy. More lazy I guess. :p

Anyway me and the wifey went to Bintan some time in October last year for a short break. It had been raining for the first 2 days and the sun only came out on the morning that we had to leave. Managed to grab some shots and took a nice dive in the cool waters.

All shot on the LCA+.
Fuji Astia 100 slide film.

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Leaving On A Jet Plane

To Aussie We go!

Well, not exactly we..more like a photo of mine. :)
If all goes well, a pic of Nic Cester of Aussie band JET, would be in a magazine in Australia and 50 copies of a limited edition signed poster of Nic. I would also be getting a signed copy of the poster with the pic I took on it.
How cool is that? :)

Time to work out details. Wish me luck!